Opt for safe driving.
Opt for Vipconn.

Just quickly read that app, send a message, go through your contact? It’s actions like these that are the no. 1 cause of all road accidents. Phone usage is responsible for 3,000 traffic deaths worldwide, every day.

Vipconn offers a simple solution to make sure you arrive home safely, every night. At a cost that can never stand between you and road safety.

This is how Vipconn works

Connect with


The app automatically searches a connection with Bluetooth when you are in the vicinity of your car. If not, you simply activate the connection yourself.

Connect to your
personal assistant


When you start driving your own PA is ready to take over your office functions.

Drive safely


Your PA will check your appointments, set meeting dates in your diary, and connect you to a contact in your address book. A simple touch on the screen is all it takes to talk to your PA.

Blijf gefocust op de weg


De overige functies en apps zijn tijdelijk geblokkeerd, zodat u niet in de verleiding komt de telefoon op te pakken. Alles gaat via de Vipconn-app en u blijft gefocust op de weg.

What customers say about us

‘After a dangerous situation on the road, I knew I had to change my routine. But, because I spend many hours on the road, switching the phone off completely was not an option. Vipconn offered the solution I had sought for some time.’

Irma Bosschink Region Manager

‘Yes, I’ve caught myself doing those things. Quickly checking a message on your cell phone may seem harmless. But you don’t realise just how dangerous that is, until someone before you steps on their brakes. With Vipconn, I can let go of the stress.’

Joris van den Bosch Account Manager

Vipconn team at your service

Want to know more about Vipconn, and what our personal assistants can do for your business? Call us to discover your options. Of course you can also email us.

Opt for safe driving. Opt for Vipconn

Your personal assistant supports you with appointments and phone calls while you drive, so you can stay focused on the traffic. Support starts at only € 4.99 (excl. VAT) per year. The Vipconn app is available for iOS and Android