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The Vipconn story

I made many calls in the car. That way, I could use my valuable time as efficiently as possible. Just a quick phone call, what could be wrong with that? Except, that it’s never just a phone call. The most dangerous moments are the actions that occur before and after. Retrieving a phone contact, typing an email, reading and answering messages.

I had never realised this, until that near-fatal moment arrived. An alert motorist, coming at me from the opposite direction, was able to avoid a collision. Still shaking, I parked the car in the roadside. Catching my breath, I promised myself this would never happen again.

But, what were the options? Yes, I had voice recognition. But most of the time it didn’t work. Moreover, browsing through your contacts using the display on your dashboard is no safer than doing that via your Smartphone screen. You’ll still have to take your eyes off the road for several seconds. And that’s long enough for a life-threatening situation to arise.

This still left the question of how to stay focused on the road while make a phone call. I decided that the solution would have to be in the form of a system that could select a stored telephone number with a simple single action. It would place distracting apps on a backburner. It would activate itself automatically as soon as you enter your car. And, it would be accessible for everyone.

Together with the smart team at Vipconn, we successfully designed that system. We developed a fabulous app for Android and iOS that connects you to your personal assistant.

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'Piet ter Schure, founder of Vipconn, knows it better than anyone. He is often on the road for his work and knows that it is impossible to simply ignore your phone. In fact, you want to spend that time in the car better!'

Piet ter Schure