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Vipconn in a nutshell

VIPCONN is a new type of SWD (Safety-While-Driving) software that is particularly suitable for people who are often on the road and partly make their car an office. This software ensures that you are connected super-fast with your personal assistant (not virtual) and takes over the necessary tasks from you so that you keep 100% concentration on the road.

Searching for numbers, keeping a diary, sending messages or other actions while driving often leads to dangerous situations during yourself and the other while driving. In 1 second of your life, and your loved ones or fellow road users, can change 180 degrees in a situation that you never thought is possible.

The app blocks any others apps that might distract while driving. Just one touch on your Smartphone screen will connect you instantly to your personal assistant. You can instruct him or her to prepare a memo, mark an appointment in your diary, send a message on your behalf, or retrieve a number and call a contact. In other words, all the tasks you would normally do yourself from your mobile office.

When you’ve arrived at your destination, you can start using your phone in the normal manner. Back behind the wheel, your personal assistant is ready to take over.

Use an Android phone? As soon as you are in the vicinity of your car you can activate the app automatically with your Bluetooth. For iOS devices from Apple this function is not currently available for iOS devices supplied by Apple, however, the app can simply be started manually.

Find out about all benefits the Driver's Assistant has to offer

'Piet ter Schure, founder of Vipconn, knows it better than anyone. He is often on the road for his work and knows that it is impossible to simply ignore your phone. In fact, you want to spend that time in the car better!'

Piet ter Schure