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How do we handle our users' privacy? Privacy is something we take very seriously. The Driver's Assistant is fully equipped for that.

Patent no. EP 3123706 (A1)

  • PA has limited insight into data
  • No insight or access outside the connection

Limited insight into your data

We know you don't want to let just anyone access your contacts, the messages or calendar. That’s why we've made it possible to set up your PA dashboard so that only the first and last 2 numbers of a phone number are visible. And in the agenda, the PA only has actual insight into the content of items that are currently being planned. It's safety guaranteed.

No contact = no access to data

As soon as you disconnect your PA, their screen is automatically closed. From that moment on, they'll no longer be able to access your details, unless you contact them again. If your PA sends a message on your behalf, there will always be a notification that this message has been sent by your PA, which is nice for your contacts to know.

'Piet ter Schure, founder of vipconn, knows it better than anyone. He is often on the road for his work and knows that it is impossible to simply ignore your phone. In fact, you want to spend that time in the car better!!'

Piet ter Schure