safely on the road safely on the road continue working in the car continue working in the car no distraction from your phone no distraction from your phone

Safe driving

What is one of the biggest causes of traffic accidents? You probably guessed it: using your phone. Just making a call, sending that one message... It can completely destroy your life - or someone else's. And even though we all know it, we still keep doing it!

  • calling business contacts
  • sending messages
  • keeping up with your calendar
  • rearranging appointments
  • getting your route sent to you
  • Calling business contacts
  • Sending messages
  • Keeping up with your calendar
  • Reschedule appointments
  • Getting your route sent to you

Always available

The constant pressure of always being available often weighs most heavily. Just taking a break while you're in the car is no longer an option. That time can be spent more efficiently. The car has become another workplace for more and more people. And to make that workplace safe, something has to change. That's why vipconn has developed the Driver's Assistant.

Transforming your car into a workspace

Vipconn's Driver's Assistant is an ideal tool if you're on the road a lot. You can use your time as efficiently as possible and still stay safe by putting a PA to work for you!

Call, send messages, schedule appointments, all things that can easily be done for you, by your own secretary, by another colleague or by one of vipconn's professional PAs. That's up to you.

Would you like to experience for yourself how you can continue to work safely on the road with the Driver's Assistant?

Find out about all benefits the Driver's Assistant has to offer

'Piet ter Schure, founder of vipconn, knows it better than anyone. He is often on the road for his work and knows that it is impossible to simply ignore your phone. In fact, you want to spend that time in the car better!'

Piet ter Schure